Her Birthday

Dear Youwen Zhang,

I want to take this time to write this letter to you.  Your birthday is a very significant event not just for a celebration of when you were born, but rather, a celebration of who you are to me.

Our time living together has been a learning experience.
We have both faced our own unique tests.
I have had the challenge of meeting the demands from clinic and academics.
You have had the pressure of balancing work and supporting this family.
These trials have taught us a lot.
Even put a strain on us as a couple.

However, despite it all, we still stand together.

Our marriage is not one where we have separate lives whenever we leave the house on a workday.
You are a dental student at NYU.
I work at PWC.
Our marriage is one story.

I’ll never need to worry anymore because I know we are here for each other.
Whatever challenges that arise, we face it together.
No matter what happens, we will always be together.

Since you came into my life, my story was forever changed.
Since our wedding day, our story together began.
Since the time we wrote our first chapter together here in New York City, I’ve treasured every moment.

I can’t wait to write more chapters with you in the coming future.

Happy Birthday!


Eric Cheng




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One response to “Her Birthday

  1. Youwen Zhang

    Gougou, thank you for making my life full of joy. To all the happiness and sadness that made our life more interesting and precious. Thank you for always loving me. I will always love you.

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