Not getting older, Getting better

Going from 0 to 5, it was all learning and being a kid.  I have to rely on the memories of my family members on this one since it’s been too long ago.

I was born.

Going from 5 to 10, I was learning how to make friends and be “cool.”  I always sought out fun things to do.  I didn’t really have a direction or sense of purpose.  But what could you really expect from me at such a young age?

I was simple.

Going from 10 to 15, I found purpose.  I accepted God in my life and wanted to prove to people and myself that I was capable.  I learned responsibility, honesty, and determination.

I started trying in my life. 

From 15 to 20, I built up a strong work ethic.  I tried hard at everything.  I went to college at Penn State University, where I made life-long friends.  While I had to go through a learning curve, I became organized, independent, and professional.

I was motivated. 

From 20 to 25, I left college and went to nursing school in Philadelphia with an enthusiastic attitude.  Unfortunately, I struggled.  While this was discouraging, I stayed positive.  All I needed to do was stay strong.  I was so wrong.

Bad things happened. 

It was a life crisis (not middle, simply, because I hope to live longer than 46).  I left nursing.

I was lost.

From 25 to 29, by the grace of God, I pulled through and found purpose.  I attended a post-baccalaureate, took my DAT, and applied to dental school.  I couldn’t get in.  I attended graduate school at West Chester University with a mission and left with far more than I bargained for.  I earned a master’s degree, got into dental school, and found the love of my life.

I was back.

I started dental school at New York University with a strong motivation.  Although there were a lot of challenges in the past two years, I was able to pull through with the support of family and friends.  Later on, more life changing events occured.  I earned a scholarship from the Air Force and got married.

I was growing up.

As I enter this 30th year milestone, I’ve been blessed to be where I am today and have the support of family and friends.  Although I’ve experienced a lot in my years, I still have that drive to always keep on trying, learning, and wanting to get better.  I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me for the next two years of dental school and beyond.

I’m not getting older, I’m getting better.



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