A new beginning

This morning at Hillsong for church service, one aspect of the sermon spoke to me today.  It was about God’s grace and how we are given a new life through it.  However, this new life doesn’t mean we will have amnesia from our old life nor does it mean we can erase the hurt suffered in the past.  Rather, this new life means that we can have a new beginning and free ourselves from the past.  

It means that our lives moving forward no longer has to be dictated by those hurtful past years. 

As I reflected on my life, I realize that there was a silver lining to every hurt I endured and how well things have threaded into place.

After college and up to this point, I was able to:

  • Finish my master degree 
  • Build a solid science foundation 
  • Meet the love of my life
  • Build strong friendships
  • Obtain admissions into NYU dental school
  • Mature mentally and spiritually

It wasn’t an easy path and there were many times that I cried or lost my temper at my situation.  But I always held out hope that God will ALWAYS provide.  It was hard for me to see it at the time, but I had faith that God would eventually reveal his will to me.  In hindsight, I now understand and am in awe at what had transpired thus far.   

Can you believe it? I will be starting my dental school career tomorrow.  This whole week is devoted to orientation and classes officially start next Monday (August 25).  

My thoughts?

While I will always be on edge and pressured to do well, I know that through God, I will succeed.
He brought me here for a reason and I know that something good will come from this.
God gave me a new life and I intend to fully live it. 


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