An update on things

Hello all!

Hard to believe that it’s been a while since my last written entry.  The last month has been non-stop busy for me with major life events and crazy adventures.  So much so that I did not have any respite until now.  Now that I have that moment, I want to give you some insight on what’s been going on thus far.


Hard to believe that I’ve finally reached this point since starting graduate school in the Fall 2012.












The purpose of me entering graduate school was to better my dental application.  It’s hard to describe to you how hard it is these days to obtain admissions to dental school.  In fact, my father told me that he recently read an article from the ADA (American Dental Association) journal and saw that admissions to dental school is now even harder than medical school.  In addition to my graduation schoolwork and dental applications, I also worked two jobs for money and to build my resume.  And while I did manage to schedule in fun times with friends, I was mostly stressed out and worried.  Worried about all my classes.  Worried that I would fail a class.  Worried that I would screw up something.  There was no room for error for me.  One screw up and I can kiss my chances at dental school good-bye.  Even moreso, I was also worried what I would do if I couldn’t get into dental school after my 3rd try.  In all honesty, I had no back-up plan.  A master degree in Biology (quite honestly), cannot guarantee you a good job.  Essentially, I was putting all my eggs in one basket.  It was dental school or bust.

But as you read in earlier entries, you know how this story ended.  Graduate school at West Chester University (WCU) has been a blessing.  I matured a lot, built strong relationships, and established a solid science foundation.  I no longer fear the science coursework that awaits me at dental school. I definitely recommend graduate school to everyone.  Unlike undergraduate school, there is much less nonsense and professors treating you with more respect.  If you want to have a competitive edge to bigger and better things, a master degree is a game-changer.


Spring break-trip 2014: Savannah, Georgia

I don’t talk much about this, but being single since my previous relationship has been a lonely and sad experience.  Sure, being single has its advantages, but there is always that longing to be with someone.  Someone to comfort you.  Someone to have fun with.  Someone to love you.  I attended church and bible study and waited for that nice girl to come into my life.  Of course, attending church and bible study wasn’t for the sole purpose of finding that special someone, but it was an ideal place to meet my type of girl.  When that didn’t work out, I resorted to advice from friends.  I went to bars and clubs and met many types of girls.  However, despite all of that, I couldn’t find that special girl that I wanted to be with.  Perhaps (I really thought), I was meant to be single.

And then, on September 2013, I met her at a bar in West Chester, PA.  Okay, to give some background on this, the Graduate Student Association at WCU hosts events for its graduate students to come together and hang out.  One of these events so happened to be at a bar, so I went with two other graduate students to get some free food and take a break from studying.  While I was there, I met a few Chinese students and…since Asian people are so rare at my university, we came together like magnets.  While I was ordering a mojita from the bartender, she approached me.  Truth be told, it wasn’t anything magical.  We just had some small chit-chat and exchanged contact information.  I think what really made the difference is what happened afterwards.  Afterwards, we chatted on facebook and texting.  We hung out at parties and got to know each other more.  Eventually, there came to a point where we had to decide whether we wanted be in a relationship.  There were a lot of concerns that we talked over, but we decided to give it a try.  And since then, we’ve never looked back!


Now that I am back from my Japan/China vacation trip, I have some work that needs to be done.  There is still a whole summer until I start school, so I can’t wait to tackle the challenges that lay ahead of me.  Now that I’m back, please feel free to hit me up to hang out before I start the gauntlet of dental school!


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  1. YESS!! You finally talked about… “her.” Haha, love the two of you guys!! Enjoy this summer Eric! =)

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