Friends, I am finally free to update you all on what’s going on with my life now.  Throughout this whole spring semester, I have been in “lock-down” mode.  Initially, I had thought that this would be an easy spring semester now that I got into dental school.  Unfortunately, this was not the case.  It seems that every semester here in graduate school has its own unique and excruciating challenges that somehow pains me so much to think, “Truly, this is the hardest semester!”

The biggest challenge for this spring semester was completing my comprehensive exam and a graduation project.  For my comprehensive exam, I had 3 take-home exams given to me by 3 professors.  My answer was required to be 5-7 pages SINGLE-SPACED along with a ton of research and journal articles to back up my answers.  I was basically writing 3 research papers, but the more daunting challenge with this exam was that it all had to be completed within 30 days from when I started it.  Therefore, I had 10 days to complete each question and had to invest hours of painstaking research in answering each question fully.  Being the perfectionist I am, I take a lot of pride in my work and ensure everything I submit is “A” quality material.

Thank you Elsa for all those winter storm class and work cancellations! The extra-time was well spent in completing my comprehensive exam questions!


There was a moment of respite after completing my comprehensive around the first week of March.  The second task at hand was completing my graduation project.  For my graduation project, my adviser wanted me to write a 20-30 page paper (double-space) and do a 40-minute presentation to my committee on a topic concerning immunizations against dental caries.  The topic was chosen in light of my dental career and, while I was initially hesitant in taking on this challenge, it proved to be a worthwhile experience.  I started researching and writing my during winter break and completed a good chunk of it before I started my comprehensive exam.  Since I heard too many horror stories about students unable to graduate because they couldn’t finish this project, I made it a priority to quickly finish this project after I completed my comprehensive exam.  My school’s spring break gifted me the needed extra time to complete the paper.  After completing the necessary suggestions and corrections by my adviser, I was finally given the green light to prepare for my presentation to my committee.  On the biggest stage of my graduate school career, I made sure to give it my all.

The presentation date was set at Friday (4/18/2014) @ 9 am. 40 minute talk with 15 Q&A. It was time to either put up or shut up!

After my presentation, I was finally done.  Although I am still recovering from the stress that I had invested in my comprehensive exam and graduation project, it was finally over.  Completing this graduation project ensures that I will be finished my graduate school for good.  The only thing left I have is my 2 finals for the 2 classes I’m currently taking this semester.  While both of them will require time and effort to complete, it will be a non-issue for me to complete them both. 🙂

There is more news that I want update all of you on my life, but I’ll save it for the next entry. 🙂


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  1. you should update with the “additional” news hehe

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