More pressure

This past fall semester turned out to be a smashing success.

  • I got into dental school.
  • I did very well in all of my classes (best semester of my graduate school career).
  • I got to see my friends married off.
  • I’m still in good health!

So now’s a good time to celebrate, right?

Actually, your boy here hasn’t had the chance to celebrate anything at all.  In fact, the moment he finished his fall semester, he’s been greeted with a demand to lose 15-20 pounds in a matter of 2 weeks.  I’m currently applying for the Army HPSP (Health Professional Scholarship Program) and I need to make weight to meet their physical requirements.  When the recruiters saw that I was about 15-20 pounds over, he had his doubts and told me that I needed to cut weight.  Instead of being discouraged, your boy here took the challenge head-on.  I’ve been spending 6-8 hours at the gym everyday doing cardio non-stop and going on a vegetarian diet.  In addition, I’ve also been aggressive in getting my paperwork completed.

With the aggressive play-calling approach, I think there’s a chance that I will complete my application soon.  In fact, I’m going to go for a weigh-in tomorrow at the recruiter’s office.  If I make it (or if I pass the body fat measurement), my recruiter will then schedule me to go to MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station), where I will do the official weigh-in and complete my physical.

It’s been really difficult.  I haven’t done this kind of extreme weight loss since my high school wrestling days 10 years ago.  When taking on this challenge, I thought to myself,

Do I still have it in me to do this again?

It’s really tough.  Not only am I not wrestling anymore, but I’m also older and I haven’t worked out in this intensity level in years.  Nonetheless, I still kept at it.  There’s a lot at stake here.  Obtaining this scholarship means full-tuition coverage, money for food and rent, and a stipend for dental school.  Given the expenses at dental school, this is a LOT of money we’re talking here.  Of course, I’ve always had an interest to do the military and the Army has a number of career opportunities to expand my dental career.  But none of this can happen unless I make weight!

When life throws a challenge at you, instead of taking the easy route, you take a big stick and go at it.  This is the attitude I have nowadays.

Once this is all over, then I can finally celebrate.



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2 responses to “More pressure

  1. How did the weigh in go?? Don’t leave us all in suspense!! Haha… but seriously good job Eric =) 2014 is going to be amazing for you!

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