Fall semester report

Can you already believe that Thanksgiving is almost here?
I can.

It’s been a while since the last entry.

I finally completed my grueling 4-(STRAIGHT)-week interview marathon and I just got back from a wedding this past weekend in California.  It was super hard, but your boy Eric made it and now all he has left is to finish off his school semester and wait to hear back from his dental schools.

I really do enjoy blogging and I regret that I wasn’t able to blog as much because of my busy schedule.  There is so much that I could write about, but I can’t fit it all into this one entry.  Well, I COULD, but it would consume too much time to write and grade the grammar and I bet many of you readers out there won’t even have the attention span to read the whole entry.

To best summarize my chaotic semester, I’ll do it in pictures with captions in a certain theme. 😛


Coming back from the off-season (the summer), I was fresh and ready to start off another semester! I couldn’t wait to start my 2nd (and last!) year of graduate school and 3rd (and last) time of applying to dental school.

With 1 year’s worth of graduate school and work experience and applying to dental school for the 3rd time under my belt, I was now a veteran at this game. I knew what to do and I entered this fall semester cool and calm. Experience counts!

As the semester progressed, I was hit with its exams, assignments, presentations, and projects. Like last year, I took care of business as usual.

In year 1, I only received 3 interviews total. In year 2, I received 2 interviews. It’s almost December, but I reached a career high with 7 interview invites (I’ve already attended 5 of those interviews thus far). I was super excited.

Although I had done this dance before, I still spent countless hours researching and practicing for my dental interviews. After all, this will be my last try.

I also spent a lot of time praying. Not just for these interviews, but also for strength in being able to keep up with my schoolwork and work schedule. It’s been a really hard semester for me with all of this going on at the same time.

When the time finally came for me to interview, I was ready.

Although the interviews were conducted (essentially) in the same manner, I still had to practice hard for them. While there were a few curve balls thrown at me, but the hardwork paid off.

After my first interview was completed, it was pretty much a marathon from here on out.

Despite the daunting schedule of school, work, and interviews, I kept on going.

And going and going and going…

I’m not going to lie. There was A LOT of pressure on me this semester.

Despite the odds, your boy hung in there.

And now that all my interviews are over (until January), I’m just pushing ahead now and getting ready to finish off this semester!

December 2 is the first date that ALL dental schools give out their first round of acceptance letters.  I want to thank all of my family and friends for their support and prayers  in this matter.  I know I gave it my all and whatever happens, happens.  Before I sign off, I want to add one more picture.

Aimee & Kenneth 11.23.2013 (35)

I would like to give a shout out and congratulations to Aimee Tu and Kenneth Jung! It was an honor and pleasure to attend and celebrate with you guys at your wedding. Despite my busy schedule and the wedding location, you guys were worth it. May God bless your marriages and the future you guys have together.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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  1. Thanks Eric! We were honored that you made the trip out with your crazy semester! Praying for you and keep us updated!!

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