So it begins

So apparently, I had much more work to do on my dental applications than I had anticipated.  Even though I had finished submitting my online application through AADSAS (Associated American Dental Schools Application Service), several dental school required me to write supplemental essays.  These essays were very cumbersome and required a lot of time and effort since they asked specific questions such as:

“What makes you SO special?”
My answer: Because I did this and that and then some more.

“What do you like about our school?”
My answer: Because you have state of the art technology… because you do community service, which I love to do…because…We believe in the same thing!

“WHY do YOU want to go to our school?”
My answer: Because…I LOVE YOU!

Okay, the questions are answers are obviously exaggerated, but you get the picture.  I was finally able to finish all of these essays a few days ago.  As many of you know, this will be my third time applying to dental school.  It will also be my last time as well.  My DAT score expires after this third cycle I do not plan on retaking it.  From the last two failed application cycles, I decided to go about this third cycle in a different manner.  I rewrote my personal statement, changed up my dental school list (now at 18), obtained reference letters from my graduate school professors, and submitted an updated track record.  My one year of graduate school (with a high GPA) and work experience in an In Vivo research lab is the last game changer for me.

If I can’t get into dental school this year, then it’s obvious that there is nothing I can do to get in.

I’m also going to this third year with a reserved mind-set.  While I do hope for the best, I’m also planning for the worst.  There are several options that I’m exploring.  Some of these options include finding a full-time job, applying for medical school, and joining the military.  It’s all up in the air, but again, I’m taking everything one step at a time.

I plan on finishing my graduate degree next year in the spring.  Classes start tomorrow and I’m gearing up for another challenging semester.  The summer has been quite intense with summer classes, work, and dental applications, but I managed to survive through it all and I have faith that God will continue to guide me through this fall semester.  Hopefully, things will pan out for the better.

One more thing before I end this entry:  This past Wednesday, I got a dental school interview invite from Midwestern University (located in Glendale, Arizona) scheduled for October 30.

Please pray for me as I prepare for this interview and my entire dental application cycle as it will be my last try.


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  1. I feel ya man, with applications!! Good luck on your interview =)

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